Krystal Keith Breaks Out Her "Dance" Card Viral Hit Available On Sheet Music As Wedding Season Begins

Mar 22 | Posted by: Krystal Keith

 Krystal Keith Breaks Out Her "Dance" Card 

 Viral Hit Available On Sheet Music As Wedding Season Begins

Singer-Songwriter Set To Perform in Norman, Okla On May 5


(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) Before the first single from her acclaimed debut album Whiskey & Lace was released, powerhouse vocalist Krystal Keith had already watched as one of the album's songs became a viral sensation. And now the tune she wrote for her own wedding as a surprise for her father, superstar Toby Keith, is building up to another big wedding season.


"Daddy Dance With Me," No. 5 song on The Knot's list of father-daughter wedding song ideas, is available for the first time in sheet music. A piano/vocal/guitar arrangement of the tune by writers Keith, Sonya Rutledge and Mica Roberts can be purchased here. And the song's popularity shows no sign of waning as its video quickly approaches 5.5 million online views. Watch it here.


As the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote, "It's a great father-daughter dance tune just for weddings, and I suspect once word gets out, she's gonna make a killing on the royalties. Or she should, anyway."


Krystal explained the song's origin to The Oklahoman: "I had planned on recording a song for him [and I to dance to at my wedding], I just didn't know what song. And I was looking for all these songs and couldn't find one that fit my situation or that I felt really strongly about. And I was like, 'I'm a songwriter, what am I doing?' I decided to just write the song."


In other news, Krystal performs May 5 at the Sooner Theatre in Norman, Oklahoma, her first performance since the birth of now four-month-old daughter Hensley. She is also in the midst of writing and recording her sophomore album for Show Dog Nashville. Her Barnyard Bistro blog highlights her other passion, cooking, as featured in last year's Plate By Plate series on Scripps websites including DIY, HGTV and GAC.

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